Upcoming Horror Movies Heading Your Way in 2019, 2020 and Beyond


All the best and buzziest scary movies coming your way in the rest of 2019 and beyond.

It’s been a great few years for horror fans: from Jason Blum’s ever-expanding empire and the scaling up of James Wan’s Conjuring cinematic universe to the massive breakout successes of the likes of Get Out, A Quiet Place The WitchHereditary, the genre is in good health.

That looks set to continue in 2019 and beyond, with a bevy of exciting horror projects on the horizon. Over the next few year, we’re looking forward to a host of bold new visions, intriguing reboots and sequels to some genre favorites, as well as a number of new Stephen King adaptations (natch).

We’ll be updating this list with the latest trailers and developments as we get them, as well as adding in new films as they’re announced.

Here are all the biggest horror projects coming your way. Be afraid. Be very afraid…

Ready or Not

Stories of the rich hunting the poor for sport is as old as at least The Greatest Game (1932), but in such overly sensitive times, there is something refreshingly wicked about the look of Fox Searchlight’s Ready or Not. A new horror film from the creative team of Radio Silence (who made Devil’s Due), it stars Samara Weaving as a bride who sees her picturesque wedding to the man she loves ruined by his family. Sure, they might be rich, but when their idea of sending her and the groom off on a happy wedding night involves a ritualistic game of hide and seek to the death… well, yikes. This is a horror thriller high on satire and even higher on giddy, gonzo gore.

Read more about Ready or Not here.

ETA: August 21

Don’t Let Go

David Oyelowo co-produces and stars in this timey-wimey-crimey horror thriller about a police officer who must solve the murders of his family–in the past! Or something. It’s a Blumhouse production directed by Jacob Estes who made Mean Creek and it premiered at Sundance this year. Early reviews suggest it throws logic to the wind somewhat but time-loop stuff is so hot right now, so hopefully it’ll find an audience.

ETA: August 30

It Chapter Two 

At last, here is the second part of the big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s scary clown novel. The first half focused on the young ‘Losers Club’ in Derry, Maine, who encounter the ultimate evil in the shape of Pennywise The Dancing Clown. Part two will see the adult Losers head back to Derry when it looks like the red haired menace has resurfaced. The first part was a storming success, which likely helped director Andy Muschietti recruit a stellar cast for It: Chapter Two, including Jessica Chastain plays adult Beverley, James McAvoy as Bill, and Bill Hader as Richie Tozier. Bill Skarsgård will return as Pennywise to infiltrate your nightmares once again.

Read our full interview with director Andy Muschietti on the film here.

ETA: September 6, 2019

Zombieland: Double Tap

The first Zombieland was back in 2009 and it does feel like the subgenre has moved on a bit since then. So it’ll be interesting to see what new tricks returning director Ruben Fleischer pulls out of the bag for this next instalment which sees the original cast unite to fight off evolved zombies. It’s still an amazing cast too, with Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin all back in the fold, joined by Rosario Dawson and the possibility of another cameo from Bill Murray to boot.

Read more about Zombieland 2 here.

ETA: October 18, 2019

The Lighthouse

Director Robert Eggers is following up one of our favorite horror movies of the decade, The Witch, with this cryptic but fascinating sounding project. Returning to New England folklore, this film changes its gaze toward the somewhat more modern nautical ghost stories that became legend by its early 20th century setting. In this context, the film is set in a lighthouse operated by a man called Thomas Wake (Willem Dafoe) and a younger fellow known as Ephraim Winslow (Robert Pattinson). Oh, and it’s shot in black and white. Yeah, we’re excited too. And according to the rapturous reception it received at Cannes, we’re in for some good ol’ nightmare fuel.

Read more about The Lighthouse here.

ETA: October 18

Doctor Sleep

Stephen King’s long awaited follow up to The Shining features a grown up Danny Torrance (Ewan McGregor) struggling with alcoholism and working at a care home using his psychic powers to ease patients into death, until he encounters a girl with similar abilities under threat from a near-immortal cult. Mike Flanagan, who made Oculus and The Haunting of Hill House, directs and has said the film will acknowledge Kubrick’s The Shining (with King notoriously didn’t like). The film also stars Rebecca Ferguson and sounds like an absolute must-see.

Read more about Doctor Sleep right here.

ETA: November 8, 2019

The Lodge

Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz follow-up Goodnight Mommy with another unsettling chiller in The Lodge, a slow-burn journey into paranoia in which you are not sure which character to trust–and which one might be destroying the sanity of the others. Set right before the holidays, Riley Keough gives a tour de force performance as Grace, a young woman who is attempting to connect with the children of her fiancé during a trip to a remote snowy lodge… children who blame her for their mother’s suicide. Long buried demons, as well as Grace’s own grim childhood, begin to manifest in disturbing ways.

Read our review here.

ETA: November 15

Little Monsters

Lupita Nyong’o plays a kindergarten teacher in Little Monsters who must chaperone her class through a petting zoo overrun by zombies. Let us reiterate, Lupita Nyong’o plays a ukulele-toting educator who might pick up a pitchfork and fight off waves of the undead in-between sessions of petting goats and singing a rollicking cover of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” Oh and Josh Gad of Olaf fame plays a debauched children’s entertainer who takes the zombie apocalypse as his chance to let it all hang out.

Read our review here.

ETA: November 15

The Grudge

When someone dies in the grip of a powerful rage, apparently they’re cursed to remake the same movie over and over again… We kid, but in all seriousness The Grudge, or Ju-On has had a lot of iterations, including a U.S. remake and two sequels. Grudge looks like it’ll be a reboot rather than a further sequel and Nicolas Pesce, who made The Eyes of My Mother, is directing. The reboot will center around a house haunted by the grudge curse and Andrea Riseborough, Demián Bichir and John Cho star.

Read more about The Grudge reboot here.

ETA: January 3, 2020

The New Mutants

It’s the film we thought we’d never actually see, but The New Mutants is finally getting a belated cinema release this summer. A much darker take on the X-Men universe than previous franchise entries, the film follows five young mutants, including Anya Taylor-Joy‘s sorceress Magik and Maisie Williams‘ shape-shifter Wolfsbane, as they struggle to deal with their demons while locked up in a sinister secret facility.

The New Mutants has gone through extensive reshoots and release date changes, which isn’t often a good sign (see Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four). But apparently the additional filming was scheduled in to allow writer/director Josh Boone (The Fault in Our Stars) to move the film away from the “neutered” YA compromise the studio originally wanted and back to the “full horror” movie he originally pitched–after Fox’s fear-focused first trailer, released back in 2017, proved to be a hit. And hey, reshoots worked out pretty well for Rogue One, right?

Read more about the project here.

ETA: April 3, 2020

A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place 2

Though very little is actually known about the sequel to 2018’s break out hit, a follow up is definitely on the cards with star and writer/director John Krasinski working on the script. In November last year co-star Emily Blunt spoke to EW about it, teasing “The idea of seeing who these people were before this all happened would be interesting. But I think actually it’s now what’s the next chapter and what happens next… I think people feel very invested in this family… I think it’s such an open book right now, and certainly for John who is lasering into something as we speak.” While Krasinski added: “This is a world you can play in, this isn’t just a character to remake…. it’s actually a world, which is a whole different, very unique experience,” Before? After? The Abbotts? Not the Abbotts? It’s all up for grabs, but we’re quietly excited.

Read more about A Quiet Place 2 here.

ETA: March 20, 2020

Saw Reboot

Initially slated for October 2020, the month in which Saw movies have traditionally landed, it was announced that this one is being brought forward, likely as a reaction to the announcement that two new Halloween sequels are on their way, slated to land in October 2020 and October 2021 (more in a moment). Not a lot is know about Saw 9 which is probably won’t be called, other than it’ll be directed by Darren Lynn Bousman who made Saw IIII, and IV and will be based on a story by none other than Chris Rock. More tricks and traps with a brand new slant? We could be on board for that.

ETA: May 15, 2020


Jordan Peele‘s Monkeypaw Productions is behind this redo of the ’90s slasher, which will address “toxic fandom” according to Creative Director Ian Cooper. Aquaman star Yahya Abdul-Mateen will play the lead role, originally inhabited by Tony Todd, and the director is Nia DaCosta who made Little Woods. The original 1992 movie, written and directed by Bernard Rose, based on Clive Barker’s short story, starred Todd as the titular hook-handed boogeyman who spits bees and haunts a housing project in Chicago. This reboot is set to “return to the neighbourhood where the legend began: the now-gentrified section of Chicago where the Cabrini-Green housing projects once stood.”

Read more about the Candyman reboot right here.

ETA: June 12, 2020

The Conjuring 3

James Wan is sadly stepping away from the mainline The Conjuring movies after directing the first two superb entries in the saga. Yet the series is carrying on with The Conjuring 3, a new horror movie directed by Michael Chaves (The Curse of La Llorona) and starring a returning Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga as the Warrens. This will be the first Conjuring film produced after Lorraine Warren’s passing in 2019, and while the full storyline screenwriter David Leslie Johnson (The Conjuring 2, Aquaman) selected is unknown, it’s been hinted that it will be set in the 1980s and tackle a Warren case alleged to involve demonic posession causing a werewolf-like transformation. At least that’s what they said in court!

Read more about The Conjuring 3 right here.

ETA: September 11, 2020

Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends

Announced during this year’s San Diego Comic-Con were two back-to-back sequels to the 2018 Halloween reboot/sequel which will turn this into a new trilogy. We’ve including these as one entry until we know more but what we know now is that Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is going to be back, as will director David Gordon Green, while Malek Akkad, Jason Blum and Bill Block are back to produce; John Carpenter and Curtis are returning as exec producers. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since the 2018 movie, which saw Michael return to Haddonfield after his first murder spree 40 years before, made a little over $255 million at the worldwide box office. Judy Greer and Andi Matichak as Karen and Allyson, Laurie’s daughter and granddaughter, are also returning, as is Nick Castle. More as we have it.

Read more about the Halloween sequels right here.

ETA: October 16, 2020 and October 15, 2021


The other Blumhouse Productions effort that debuted at Sundance this year has received much more universal praise from critics than Relive. An apparently old-fashioned monster movie from director J.D. Dillard, it stars Kiersey Clemons as a young woman marooned on a tropical island. However, she may not be as alone as she thinks, because while the ocean and elements are brutal, the malevolent creature living with her on the island is even worse… yeah, we can’t wait to lay our eyes on it for ourselves.


Untitled James Wan Movie

We know virtually nothing about this other than James Wan is locked in to direct a currently untitled horror movie set up at Warner’s New Line Cinema before he begins production on Aquaman 2. He’ll be working from a screenplay he’s co-writing with Ingrid Bisu (one of the co-stars of The Nun) and that he is also producing the film alongside Michael Clear via his Atomic Monster production label.


The Troop

James Wan’s production company Atomic Monster has the rights to Nick Cutters wonderful, icky body horror novel about a group of scouts and their leader who go on a camping trip and encounter a stranger with a very unpleasant affliction. E.L. Katz who made excellent indie Cheap Thrills is attached to direct. No news on the ETA yet (could be a while) but we reckon this one will be worth the wait.


Upcoming Horror Movies 2019 2020


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