Doom Eternal: New Trailer Revealed at Gamescom


What we know about Doom Eternal, including latest news, trailers, release date, and more!

Doom Eternal is the newest installment in the hit first-person shooter series. The sequel to the 2016 reboot is everything you loved about its predecessor with a few added tweaks, including a few new demons to turn into gruesome meaty chunks! 

Here’s everything we know about the game thus far:

Doom Eternal Trailer

The latest trailer debuted at Gamescom 2019! Watch the short promo below:

Doom Eternal will feature a new multiplayer mode called Battlemode that sees two hunter players cooperate to take down one demon player. It’s kind of like a scaled-down Evolve, but this mode adds quite a few twists to that concept that aims to capture the spirit of the single-player campaign. Check out this trailer for a better idea of how it all works:

Here’s the Doom Eternal story trailer that premiered at E3 2019:

We also got a look at the game’s new multiplayer mode, Battle Mode, which pits two demons versus a single Slayer in a handicap match to the death. Check it out:

This next trailer celebrates the 25th anniversary of the franchise. Here’s a nostalgic look at the series as well as some new footage from the upcoming sequel:

Bethesda revealed the first look at Doom Eternal‘s INSANE gameplay at QuakeCon 2018. Check out the trailer below:

And here’s the announcement trailer:

Doom Eternal Release Date

Doom Eternal is out on Nov. 22. The game is expected to arrive for XBO, PS4, PC, and Google Stadia.

Doom Eternal Gameplay

We went hands-on with Doom Eternal and interviewed id’s Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin about the upcoming game. You can read our big feature on Doom Eternal right here. And make sure to check out our video from E3 2019 below:

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Doom Eternal Soundtrack

Mick Gordon, the composer of the brilliant Doom soundtrack, is returning to score the sequel. A mix of metal and dubstep will likely be the subject of the second game’s music as well. We can’t wait!

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Aug 19, 2019

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